There are always lots of questions about your Make Up whether its your wedding day or a special occassion so here i aim to answer some of your questions but if you have any others please get in touch :)

Q.What brands of make up do you use

A. I use a number of different brands, everything i use is trialled and tested to make sure it has the best longevity for you as well as looking great!

Q. Do you cater for all skin types

A. Yes, i have lots of different products in my kit and can cater for all different skin types and tones, if you have any specific problems feel free to contact me.

Q. If i want to go ahead how soon do i need to book with you

A. I am getting enquiries all the time so the sooner you book for your day the better, as soon as you have paid the deposit your wedding day/occasion make up is secured. I can not hold a date until a deposit is recieved. 

Q. How long before my wedding day should i book my trial and how long does it last

A. You should book your trial  atleast 6 weeks before your wedding day. The trial usually lasts between 1-2 hours but its all down to making sure you are 100% happy with your look and getting all the finer details down for the wedding day.

Q. My bridemaids/Mother of the Bride/ Mother of the groom also want their make up doing on the day do they also need a trial

A. Its completly up to them, if anyone extra other than the bride wants a trial we can also do this but it isnt mandatory like a brial trial is. 

Q. Where does the trial take place Do i need to bring or provide anything

A. The trial can take place at either your home or you can come to me if it is easier. You do not need to provide anything other than making sure we are in a light room with a window for natural light and a chair and table to be able to lay out my make up kit.

Q. How big a bridal party can you cater for on the day

A. I can cater to any size bridal party and have some other make up artists i work with if i need some assistance for large bridal parties.

Q. How long does make up take on the day

A. For Occasion Make up i always allow 1 hour. 

For bridal make up I allow 1 hour for a bride on the day and 45 mins for every extra person, i always try and over allow for time where possible as on the day sometimes there can be hold ups. 

Q. How far do you travel

A.If you are further than 20 miles from LU74AX i will charge a extra fee. Also any parking fees/congestion charges will be added if needed.

Q. How do i secure my wedding date

A. To secure your wedding date you will need to contact me and i will send you a booking form once this is completed and the £50 deposit recieved your wedding date will be secured.


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